The “global village” is a concept developed by Marshall McLuhan, who suggested that electricity-based communication technologies would make the planet a “smaller” place. We would know what was happening on the other side of the world as quickly as we would what was happening next door.

While this event is certainly not global, it is an idea towards a coming-together at the level of everyday lived experience, coupled with an imagined “global” potential exercised through sport. Quite unlike our current conceptions of “global” sporting potential, as seen in the Olympics or World Cup, Global Village Basketball exists for those who want to play.

Any movement in this direction of coming-together is due to the efforts of those who have volunteered to translate portions of this web site into another language: Ghadeer Al Sayed, Lorena Fernandez, Elaine Ho, Lamia Kosovic, Przemek Kujawiński, Simon Ličen, Isabel Löfgren, Jean-Christophe Plantin and Sophie Uitz. If you would like to help with the translation efforts, please contact us.

The short video attempting to explain what Global Village Basketball is all about could not have been made without the generosity of Barbara Fornssler.

Global Village Basketball is two things: people playing pickup basketball with friends or family and a loosely-connected architecture that links these players together. The architecture would not work as transparently as it does were it not for repeated development tests by Amanda Booher, Barbara Fornssler, Marcus Jamieson, Ryan King, Lindsay LaMorre, Murray McLeod, Erin Young and Dara Zadikow.

Thank you for design advice from and web development by PRQueue.

An additional note about Peter Quinsey at PRQueue: Peter is the individual responsible for developing the GVB Scorekeeper and Scoreboard plugin applications that link all of the pickup basketball games together into one meta-game. I can say with confidence and gratitude that he went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that the launch of Global Village Basketball was a successful one, even though he prefers baseball and ultimate. Peter, this would not have happened without your efforts.

Finally everyone who spread the word, everyone who opened up a gym, and most importantly, everyone who played …… thank you!