Join the Game

  1. Play on June 8, 2011. Or, at the very least, open a gym space somewhere for a few kids to join the game. Playing matters.
  2. Create an account on the Global Village Basketball site so that you can upload scores. Once you respond to your confirmation email, you will be able to create a game in the Scorekeeper.
  3. After deciding on a game name, you can also optionally upload a profile picture for your game, add latitude/longitude coordinates, and identify the name of the location where you are playing.
  4. You are now in the game.

Score the Game

  1. The Global Village Basketball game runs from June 8, 12:00pm UTC until June 9, 11:59am UTC. Any baskets scored and uploaded during this time will count towards the overall score.
  2. Login and go to the Scorekeeper page. Make sure that the game you are uploading a score for is the correct one. Input scores for Red and Blue (all baskets are worth 1 point).
  3. Click the Upload Score button.
  4. If you entered the score incorrectly, change the numbers are click Modify Score. Or, if you are playing a new game, you may create a new game in the window on the right. Or, you are finished! Go see the big game on the Scoreboard.

View the Game

  1. Click on the Scoreboard link and view the most recently uploaded games from around the world.
  2. If you want you can view a running score of the game (or perhaps use a data projector to display it at your location) by clicking here.